Ameri Christmas: my letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
i already have everything i could possibly wish: a wife who loves me for who I am, a wonderful daughter, good health and the luck to fight for my Country.

So, I ask you what i DON’T want to find under the tree in 2016:

The Obamacare, that more than being unuseful, it is expensive and scares

The Big Brother of NSA, that it is listening to our conversations, without asking any permission

The state and taxes, that don’t provide good services, but impoverish the masses

The old politicians, who do everything except taking decisions

Islamic fundamentalists who would like to cancel our history and our traditions and replace them with their beliefs that even they don’t believe in

Some GOP’s Candidates that for visibility also would speak of their fertility

A president named Hillary Rodham Clinton that,  between email and foundations, thinks of herself while her promises are undone

Finally, dear Santa, let me wish to all Americans, and especially to those who want to take our Country back, a Merry Christmas and a 2016 that would be the dawn of a new horizon, and not the continuation of the sad sunset of the last eight years.

America is now!

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