HuffingtonPost – From Texas to California the distance may be short, indeed, very short. It seems that the Republicans we have it written in their destiny, their fortunes, match those of some families. Two, for accuracy. The first is obvious, is the Bush family, who managed to place” two presidents (George and George W.) and a governor (Jeb).
The second, the more is unknown, but we bet that it will not for long. This is the Anderson family, whose founder Philip grandfather, Senator for over twenty years, Dad Ron influential official and former US consul in Italy and, finally, the baby-prodigy Alex, able to get elected to Congress just thirty years and a reelection practically already in his pocket, of course. The young man who in his two years in Washington has got to be appreciated for its sparkling opposition to the Obama administration as well as having fabric also manages to be a trendsetter on social networks, gaining every day a very diverse audience, which goes from middle-aged ladies who like to stay informed, and get to the cheeky teenager who shares his photos because literally in love with him.
On the other hand it is useless to be hypocrites, the image is a key component, and the scion of Anderson not lacking at all. Obama docet. As for his communication skills, is emblematic of the fun spot of his first election campaign, which was able to score over a million hits on Youtube. So, in summary, the quality policies there are, even those communicative, and physical appearance as well. Much, of course, but still not enough to aspire to the office of President of the United States.
That still an element but, in this case, the young Anderson seems to have what it takes. What do I mean? Wanting to be vague we could talk about simple cursus but as the Huffington Post here love to be precise, we say Skull and Bones. It tells you nothing? But of course yes, who does not know the secret society the most famous and influential of the Globe? Okay. So happens that both Bush senior as Bush son they so proudly part, just like Anderson, starting from his grandfather, to get to the small” Alex. Strange life, right? The fact is that, after the defeat of Romney (who was a fallback), for the Republicans in 2016 is closer than you think. So how are near the Texas and California, whose fates are crossed in a grave”, the parties to Yale. Who knows that even those in the United States of America should not go (again) from there, real Mr. Anderson?

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