GOP debate, candidate isn’t among them

GOP debate

The debate in which yesterday the current GOP candidates faced each other, brought out  one thing basically: if we want to be a serious alternative to Hillary Clinton and to the failed Obama administration, we’ve to find a real GOP candidate.

Who for sure was not in the TV studio.

That’s why my staff and I, are even more convinced that my personal nomination is increasingly becoming a necessity, not only for GOP voters, but for the entire American democracy.


Because we need a presidential candidate who cannot be reproached with being like Hillary Clinton.

Because we need a presidential candidate who finally supports the cause of Edward Snowden, through whom  we understod the reality not only about NSA activities, but also about the model of society in which they wanted to force us to live: control means power.

Because we need a candidate who speaks less about Ronald Reagan while implements his teachings: after eight years of Obama, the State requires a strong crash diet in order to support a sharp reduction of taxes.

Because I have never seen a new political project made by old politicians.

For all these reasons, among many others, at this time my supporters and I, are considering the opportunity of my candidacy for the Republican nomination.

Soon you will know more about it.

America is now!

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