«That made three days ago from Hillary Clinton is the most obvious announcement of history, I think the top floors of the Democrats are not so happy.» From the study of a well-known television program, Republican Alex Anderson commented on the candidacy of former First Lady, focusing his analysis on the contradictions with which Hillary will face: «In his video Hillary says she wants to be the champion of the Americans leaving the shine Its popular egocentricity, but we Americans, we need a President, not a champion. Moreover, the fact that he is focusing so hard on the middle class, is a blatant admission of guilt: she’s always been for the tax increase and for the “redistribution of wealth”, an archaic concept, socialist. Then, there is the scandal regarding the emails sent from his private server, dramatically compromising privacy is not his, but the diplomacy of the United States of America, not to mention the power system that represents the Clinton family. In short, America needs to look ahead, and not a policy with the rearview mirror. ». When the conductor asked if it’s him, the candidate over another Republican Marco Rubio will be the future, Alex Anderson replied: «I will be if the Americans want it. I’m ready to take the field to play my game for the Republican nomination, and I will do it with a team of great people who support me for years, to which are added every day new. Yes, in the coming weeks I will give the official announcement of my candidacy.»